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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Advizzy?

Every day, people are faced with challenging situations in their work and personal lives, but often have no immediate and reliable place to get advice. Advizzy (pronounced Advise-zee) connects people to personalized anonymous advice. The latest online advisory platform featured recently in TECHweek aims to create happier workplaces and improve individual productivity by reducing life’s daily stressors for employees.

How does Advizzy connect users with advice?

Our algorithm query allows users to receive advice based on preferences by gender, age, and specific industry so that users get relevant advice. Employees can get anonymous advice from peers, professionals, and even others within your company.

Why should a company use Advizzy?

Stress can affect people in very serious ways, and it has been reported that over 64% of employees work with stress each day. This can lead to low productivity, lack of focus, and lack of interest in completing tasks. By giving employees a convenient platform on which they can feel safe to ask for and receive relevant advice, employees can deal with their stress in a positive, productive, and efficient manner. Advizzy allows HR to see any common issue topics among employees through the anonymous data, and work to build a happier workplace.

Are Advisors Certified?

Registered companies and professionals on Advizzy’s website are certified or qualified based on their credentials uploaded to their profile. Advizzy does not warrant advisors' certifications and does not suggest asking for medical or psychological advice on our website.

What kind of data would an HR receive?

Human Resources will get a general report with the categories of questions being asked by employees. This information could be useful for companies to understand which topics to discuss in their meetings or workshops to conduct for their employees. Employee and user identification is never shared.

Membership plans and cancellation process

There is a plan for different sized companies. For companies with larger than 40 employees, a custom Enterprise plan can be accommodated. There are no contracts, and canceling your monthly plan is easily done within your account settings.

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