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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Advizzy?

Every day people are faced with challenging situations in their work life and personal life. People generally have no immediate reliable place to get advice.

Advizzy (pronounced Advise-zee) connects people to personalized anonymous advice for happier workplaces. The latest online advisory platform featured recently in TECHweek, aims to improve workplace productivity by reducing life’s daily stresses for employees.

How does Advizzy connect users with advice?

The algorithm query allows users to receive advice based on gender, age, and specific industry so that users get true relevant advice.

Are advisors certified?

Registered companies and professionals on Advizzy’s website are certified or qualified based on their credentials uploaded to their profile. Advizzy does not warrant advisors' certifications and do not suggest asking for medical or psychological advice on our website.

Is Advizzy really anonymous?

All general profiles are kept anonymous with no true names displayed. Only professional and company users are displayed as their true certified names. Users cannot see other general user's contact information which is kept strictly confidential.

Are inquiries confidential?

Absolutely. Only anonymous user names are displayed next to inquiries. Very limited personal information is collected and will not be shared or sold to third parties.

Why is there a minimum character requirement for advice posts?

We encourage our users to put thought and time into giving advice to the Advizzy community, thus there is a minimum character suggested before you can post your advice.

How does Advizzy work?

View the "How to video" here

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